Vaishno Water llc is a leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping System will be suitable to accept your pack. The machine shall have an output of 3 to 5 packs/minute. The machine shall consist mainly of three sections.

  • Pusher.
  • Film Wrapping / Sealing
  • Shrink Tunnel.

Our technology division is continuously engaged into quality production to deliver a high return on your investment, long term productivity and environmental compatibility.

Shrink Wrap machine for Pet, Glass, HDPE bottle, Tin Group Shrink Packing machine and bundling packing machine, Bottle Shrink Wrapping machine, Bundle Shrink Wrapping, Body Sleeve Wrapping abd packaging machine, Neck Sleeve Wrapping machine, Carton Shrink Wrapping machine, Tray Shrink Wrapping and bundling pack machine for TIN, Bottle, Jar, HDPE Bottle, Pet Bottle etc. We offer Automatic and Semi Automatic the energy saving machine made of high-quality components. They allow much greater forces to be transferred and enable very uniform and precision movements of the machine.